Connect utilizes multiple popular interactive modules, such as chats, calls, on-boarding, authentication, segmenting, mutual tasks, collective notes, maps, market and many more to create a personalized app for your business. 

Your app is designed to be easy to work with and each module makes a statement:

1. Be Memorable

A professionally designed, one-second logo splash screen helps your users memorize your brand’s identity every time the app loads.

2. Present Your Business

When launched for the first time, onboarding screens are shown to demonstrate the unique benefits of your business and the app.

Empowered with custom animations, professional copywriting and visuals, it shows users why they need to register.


3. Quick Access

Users access your network with a one-time code sent straight to their phone.

Multiple devices can be mapped to the same account for total flexibility.

Other authentication methods are also supported.

4. Offer Custom Segments

A segment selection screen is shown to each new app user upon the first entry.

This screen asks to select their relevant audience group.

Segments enhance user experience by allowing them to completely personalize inbound chats, default groups, news, contacts, objects on map and in the market.


5. Freedom of Communication

Each app user can safely chat with others either directly or in groups using the most popular messaging features:

Texts, images, videos, audio-messages, files, emojis, stickers and location markers.

6. Keep The User Engaged

This proprietary feature allows the user to call anyone within your app directly with added efficiency:

The ability to see live streams at the top of the screen while browsing through app content or texting in other chat windows below provides a truly digital presence in your organization.

All calls within your app are totally secure thanks to our proprietary RTC data transfer technology and STUN servers deployed to a location of your choice.

Our video technology is currently the most efficient on the planet.


7. Automate Sales Routine

Most communications can be automated with chat bots.

Each bot can proactively contact users based on profile segment, events, location and added tags.

Connect bots can switch between a dialogue mode and a dashboard mode for interactive information display and live on-screen controls.

8. Turn Messages Into Tasks

Each message can be turned into an active task with its own assignee.

Each dialogue or group can have their own task list within.

Tasks can be set deadlines and reminders. This promotes maximum efficiency.


9. Showcase Objects On A Map

Particularly useful for companies and organizations with multiple locations and participating vendors.

Each location marked on the map has an option to instantly start a live chat with representatives assigned to that location.

An automated chat dialog starts before the newly created support request is advertised to the connected operators at that location.

10. Offer Products In-Market

Feature your entire product selection, sorted by categories, with multiple filtering options and an option for several markets in the app.

Add services, tickets, orders in bulk, timing material and connect directly into your CRM or shopping cart software.

Each registry of interest in a product starts an automated sales dialogue with programmable payment and delivery options. It also allows a customer to connect to operators for more advanced requirements.


Any organization with a budget for innovations can afford a Connect-powered, fully branded app published in both Android and iOS markets. 

Custom payment plans and financing options are offered to select niche businesses. Ask your representative for details.

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