Connect Blueprint

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A Digital Copy of Your Process

Connect is a plethora of technologies combined with a single goal: create a digital version of your organization.

We programmatically recreate your entire process structure and connect its members for the next level of productivity and control.

We automate some of the routine. If a robot can do a job – let it.

Behind the sophisticated code gathered by the latest of research and development in the IT & Communication industry there is an underlying concept: communication is the foundation of everything.

The synaptic structure of Connect gives the most important ability: your people can keep their dialogs, their data and communicate freely with each other within your realm.

Once connected and identified, we can route any participant of your network to any CRM, ERP software or a web store, with delegated privileges for immediate access into the right panel.

With over 10 years of business technology partnerships with some of the leading hi-growth companies, Connect offers unmatched product, which will serve as the digital brain of your company, your solid digital brand and your new channel of digital presence: the leading app stores in a set of branded mobile and tablet apps as well as freely distributable PWA, web apps and desktop binaries.

If you are in the position of growth with the budget for innovation, it is the right time to start the digital transition with a Connect synaptic platform alongside the mobile digital presence system, accessible by over 96% of devices on the planet today.