Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most-commonly asked questions.

What is Connect Platform?

Connect is a white-label platform for remote presence and telework.

Connect add instant connectivity to your business in a brand mobile app that is accessible from anywhere via mobile app stores.

We provide a turn-key app publishing service: we build and publish customized version of Connect to represent your company or a brand in app stores by offering options to work remotely via chats and over video conferencing.

Over decades in online sales and software development we have gathered a number of highly effective b2c algorithms in a secure digital platform for instant collaboration.

Our fast-lane builds copies of the platform for businesses and organizations worldwide with highly-effective distribution via app stores directly onto user device.

Connect is the blueprint, the digital DNA of any remote communication & interaction process. We use it to work for your business.

How is Connect used?

The platform offers a secure, scalable and a highly technological digital presence gateway for everyone related to your process.

Every app is a personal live communication center with user message history, product showcase and a directory of contacts.

We use a fast-lane system to build, customize and publish Connect-powered apps to represent your organization or a project in app stores.

In minutes it will gather users into segments for continued borderless interaction.

The Connect digital infrastructure is designed to automate, optimize and reduce the cost of workflow, while increasing revenues substantially for every business with a worthy product.

Every new install will digitally deliver your entire line of products and service offers.

Connect-powered apps are designed for live chat sales, online ordering, audience building and in-app broadcast marketing with automations using chatbots.

Each client app has a personalized onboarding flow, fast sms registration, segment profiling, inbound chats and other modules.

Is Connect suitable for my organization?

In essence, any organization can have a Connect-powered app available in app stores for a free download, assuming your business process is in compliance with the app store policies on allowed business practices.

There are limitless opportunities behind a “your own network” concept. It allows a user to invite and connect with everyone who may be interested in getting involved.

There’s an option to automate your communication routine. Your company can simply advertise the app link to get new users and expand your business.

What do we need to provide you with?

A simple URL (web link) pointing to your app’s new webpage will suffice to start.

Our account execs will gather your info to customize your future app.

Who has the password?

We authenticate users by sms and assign initial admin users. In a way, there is no admin password. If your user has admin privileges, admin options will be shown. App owner is the top admin and can assign admins and vendors.

The entire communications database is kept encrypted and secured without a known way to reverse-engineer the code and extract data.

It does not offer nor does it require any passwords as it is tied to a user mobile phone number or a company Oauth ID.

You will have complete control over what’s going on in the system without interrupting user privacy.

You will also have the power to manage users, staff, products, places, news, channels and more!

Can we get it faster than two weeks?

In certain circumstances we can produce an app for production within 5 days of payment. Unfortunately, we are limited by the app verification and acceptance times required by the app stores – this can take several days.

Google Play market is quick to get approved. We can also distribute Android APK files directly.

For iOS versions, and to plan a big opening release date we can invite your creative members to preview your future app via Apple TestFlight and Google Play Beta.

What is your justification for your pricing?

The Connect Platform has been developed over the course of five years.

Even with an in-house development team it was a painful process with over $4M invested in research & development to deliver the Connect product at this iteration.

You are welcome to become a mobile app owner and a local tech star for a fraction of what it cost us. Connect is a business instrument with profit in mind.

If app stores accept your app order, at this stage of market we are confident that you will see your investment return in less than one year.

How do we pay?

There are several ways we can accept payments.

  • If you are in the United States, we can debit your your US bank account directly via ACH.
  • We accept and prefer Paypal, as a verified business member since 2005.
  • If you are in the European Union, we will accept a SEPA transfer to our IBAN.
  • If you are international anywhere else, send us a wire transfer to 975867276 at CHASUS33
  • For monthly payments and app marketing campaigns you can link your credit or debit card.
Can you make an app before we pay?

Unfortunately we do not produce apps without guaranteed prior arrangements. We hope you understand.

We do provide in-house financing for approved organizations.

What if we need to make changes to our app?

Any app changes within a reasonable scope (for example: adjustments due to technology evolution, including UI/UX improvements and app process’ optimizations) will be covered by your monthly upkeep payments.

Any substantial changes to the app logic will require one of our research specialists to perform these alterations. This will be paid for separately by you.

What is we decide not to have an app anymore?

If you decide to cancel your agreement within 60 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund. A refunded app is removed from app stores, however the server and all active installations will continue to operate for 30 more days for your convenience.

If you decide to discontinue upkeep payments at any time, you will still own the app and the server, your existing app installations will continue operation for as long as current hardware supports it. So, if your business has an emergency situation, you may stop your payment at any time without penalty by Connect.

We fully understand business risks. If you decide to stop paying, we disable the app in app stores, so there would be no new users.

However, all active (existing) app installations will continue normal operation, receiving regular bugfix & security updates for one year after a payment cessation.

We play fair with everyone who clears our KYC verification.

What are your guarantees?

We are a Paypal Verified Business since 2005 and a JP Morgan Chase client since 2012.

We guarantee a full return of your investment within one year of purchase generated by user activity using the Connect chat automation technology.

We guarantee your app technology will boost consumer confidence in your brand and products to order more.

We provide best-effort SLA.


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