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[title text=”Frequently Asked Questions”]

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.


[accordion-item title=”Who Owns The App?”]

You Are the Legal Owner of Your App

We publish it on your behalf, in our account or yours.

We build your branded apps by using our white label platform that is designed to provide users with a collaboration environment with remote presence features that is dedicated to your process.

We assume your business is legitimate, in compliance with the policies of the mobile app stores.

[accordion-item title=”What is a Server Fee?”]

Subscription fee (billed monthly) which covers your app updates and datacenter equipment costs. It assures your server works properly and is regularly maintained. This fee also covers monthly app updates for new features and new device coverage. 

Instead of budgeting a lump sum to purchase our software, a hybrid-SaaS price concept of Connect allows to pay a convenient and affordable one-time activation fee with app/server maintenance fee as an ongoing expense.

[accordion-item title=”What is covered by the Activation Fee?”]

Activation fee is a one-time payment to get the app built and published for distribution.
Activation includes:

  • App Customization: branding, labeling, niche features/bots adaptations
  • Server Set-up: locating a datacenter in your city to install a server, server installation, back-end/database server deployment, server scripts customization 
  • App Build: building mobile versions of client apps
  • App Page Design: copywriting catchy app texts and custom brand/entity related images,
  • App Store Publication & app store legal approval.

[accordion-item title=”How Secure Is Having An App?”]

Connect-powered client back-end servers are built upon several key concepts:

Undocumented technology. Not open source, only our staff knows how it is designed. We use a proprietary protocol for secure binary data transfer using Erlang, possibly the fastest technology in the world. 

Devices use server as a fully automated repository of contacts, objects and interaction history, with tools for automation and broadcast.

Data safety comes first. Conversations can only be seen by sender and recipient-authorized devices only. We encode data with our protocol sent via a secure socket connection. In case of MITM captured data cannot be decrypted as data reprocessing mechanism is kept undisclosed.  

Phone numbers are undisclosed. We keep login number secure. Contacts can find each other by name in the app contact directory.

Any user can block another user from disturbance and complain to app security (via a bot capable of locking user accounts).

No third party can view the dialogue history of two users. Personal chat history can only be seen inside the app by the chat participants themselves.

Every month we release updates for each app. We gradually add new features, security fixes and compatibility improvements.

We also provide with automated tools to monitor, detect and prevent fraudulent behavior. With real time video built-in, Connect is designed to discourage fraud.

[accordion-item title=”How To Order?”]

  1. Select your product and make a payment.
  2. We will gather and analyze information about your company to prepare custom app for publishing. 
  3. We will reach out with custom automations and offer recommended modules along the way.
  4. We will prepare and share the appBook: a digital brand book containing a design of your future apps along with app store marketing materials and texts.
  5. We find the closest datacenter to your main IP traffic intersection to deploy a back-end server with your data.
  6. Once ready we send apps to stores.
  7. Once the apps are approved in stores we will forward some user traffic to show you the potential and generate some new installs.
  8. Marketing advertisement of your app is available upon request.
  9. We collect a monthly maintenance payment to keep your app up to date with new devices & platforms. 

[accordion-item title=”Is This a Write-Off?”]

App activation fee and monthly service / app update fee is a deductible business expense related to digital marketing expenses.

On the books our fee is a maintenance fee for your technology expense (payment for hosting).

[accordion-item title=”Can We Get A Discount?”]

In response to the international COVID-19 threat our company has already lowered our prices by 75%.

Our current prices have been recently corrected to help businesses around the world cope with the upcoming global communication crisis.

World needs video, people need to see faces of each other. We stood up. Our technology is the most wanted product available today, allowing your company run its own brand app franchise and retain customers during lockdown.

Custom apps with live video communication features cost around $100’000 to develop. You are getting a bargain deal, fully compliant with both AppStores and PCI security, GDPR & HIPPA standards.

This is a business instrument. You will return your investment fast via added revenue from your freely downloadable app.

Together we will win!

Select plan.



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[title text=”Send us a message”]

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