A Brand App Of Your Dealership

Introducing the Next-Generation Customer Support Interactive Technology for Your Dealership

Your dealership needs a mobile app today more than ever. CONNECT allows that. Our brand mobile app for dealerships boosts sales and consumer confidence.


Be Digitally There for Clients

In the digital world, clients need you. We created a consumer communication channel in our app to keep your doors open 24/7. You may boost client happiness and loyalty, which boosts net profit, by offering text and voice communication.


The Freedom of Mobile

Smartphone apps are fast, convenient, and growing in popularity. In 2019, 89% of shoppers use mobile applications and 60% spend 3 hours in apps daily. Offering a dealership app can promote customer loyalty and revenue.


Dealer Mobile App

Technology Upgrade

Customers buy because of product accessibility. Keep your business communication method mobile-friendly to boost revenue. Live chat with clients, direct audio and video calling, group conversations, and the option to transfer files, photographs, videos, and voice notes make our software unparalleled. For easy reference, all chats are grouped and stored.


Natural CRM

Our app’s natural CRM lets you label contacts to segment activity and filter requests by segment. Bots can automate chats. Our secure and private messaging platform encrypts chats and sessions for your clients’ safety.


Application Support 24/7

We’ll assist you throughout. Our app has 24/7 technical assistance, and our team can handle administration so you can focus on what you do best.

Give Your Customers a Complimentary Dealership Mobile App to Boost Your Rankings


A CONNECT-powered mobile app for your dealership is the next-generation customer support interactive technology to build loyalty and increase profits.

Our branded mobile app gives clients the confidence to choose your dealership above the competition.


Published to AppStore, Google Play and on web


To custom-build and deliver your app.


Fixed infrastructure maintenance cost, without any limitations

How It Works For Your Customers

Step 1. Download and Install the App

Install the dealership’s brand mobile app from the app store first. The dealership’s name will bring up the free app.

Step 2. Register and Create an Account

Customers will first sign up after installing the app. Within the app, creating an app account by SMS code is simple and fast.

Step 3: View Live Inventory and Connect with Managers

Customers can view live vehicle inventory and chat with management using the app after registering. The app lets customers browse vehicles by make, model, and price. For a personalized and efficient experience, customers can chat, call, or video call a manager directly from the app.

Install VIN.CC

Install a free multi-dealership market app that is powered by the Connect technology, to preview features of your future brand app.