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Oct 4, 2019 | Articles About Digitalization, Industry-related

Running a successful automotive dealership takes more than a love of cars. In the modern economy consumers increasingly expect more and more functionality and engagement from the companies they do business with. One of the best ways to meet this demand is with an app customized for your dealership. The process of getting an app for your business can be confusing an expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Connect Software is here to help.

About Connect

Connect offers branded mobile and web apps with a white-label concept. That means we can give you your very own branded app for customers and clients to download and use. Unlike other options, Connect lets you digitize your entire business structure, boosting efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately, profits.

Why Choose Connect?

There’s a lot of options when it comes to creating your own branded app. However, our innovative business model and powerful software architecture delivers several benefits that you’re not likely to see replicated elsewhere. The main things that set us apart from the competition are the unique benefits we offer.

Professional App on a Budget

A branded app allows you to boost your dealership’s credibility, engagement, and efficiency. We provide all of the functionality you need at a fraction of the cost of developing an app from the ground up. As a result, your dealership will reap all the advantages of a branded app without breaking your budget. After all, why pay to re-invent the wheel when you could be focused on reaching your next milestone?

Another thing that sets Connect apart is the fact that your app will be free from third-party ads. That’s a rare find in the world of white-label branded applications, and something that shows your staff and customers how professional your organization is.

Moreover, leasing a white-label app is perfect for decision makers that are cautious about large expenses and innovation. We get it. You’ve invested a lot of time and energy building your business. That’s why we give you the power of a branded app without the cost of hiring an in-house IT department or hiring expensive app developers or admin IT staff. The result is a great ROI on a low-risk, low-involvement investment.

Less Hassle, More Action

Digitizing your company structure allows for faster teamwork and communication of important information. It can help your salespersons and customers know what you have in stock. It can send notifications to customers looking for a specific type or model of car to bring them to your dealership. These types of sales have an extremely high conversion rate, giving you maximum ROI with minimal effort.

Connect’s enhanced functionality also removes the hassle you get with other engagement systems. We can automatically import information from your CRM to get you up and running in no time. That means no wasted time re-entering phone numbers, hiring temps for a massive data transition.

Connect can incorporate your data while providing easy-to-use interfaces that your employees and customers will love.

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Keep Engaged with Customers

An engaged customer is a repeat customer. Car dealerships that stay engaged with customers do more business with them, both through future sales as well as being the go-to option for routine services and repairs.

Our software allows your branded app to engage with customers in new and innovative ways. You can send reminders for oil changes, recall notifications, warranty information, and anything else you want the customer to know. Steady engagement means that your dealership will be at the forefront of the customer’s mind when they need a new car or car repairs. That results in a huge impact on your bottom line.

An app powered by Connect also has other innovative ways to stay engaged with customers. Connect supports chat, chat bots, video call, chat-related task lists, and more. All of these features help you engage with your customers on a personal level while making it easier and faster for your staff to perform their jobs.

Reduce Lines and Service Times

A branded app powered by Connect helps your business in other ways too. You can use our app to schedule service visits, drop-offs, pick-ups, and notifications about any repair work being done. We can even securely store a customer’s payment information so they can settle their bill before the service is even complete, letting them take their keys and go and letting you begin servicing the next client.

Even if your process is already a well-oiled machine, an app powered by Connect helps your customers see under the hood to appreciate that. Upload photos of parts that need replaced with an explanation. Remove the nagging question of “I wonder if my car is finished?” from their heads. Let them be amazed at your skills and professionalism by effortless showing them everything you’re doing to make their experience as smooth and easy as possible.

It’s these types of small, intangible things that help you stand apart from the competition. It’s no secret that many people dread car shopping and taking their car in for repairs. But when people tell their friends how easy it was at your dealership because of your app, then you’re getting the most valuable kind of marketing – word of mouth – without any additional investment.

No Transition Headaches

One of the biggest fears business operators have when it comes to technology is that transitioning between systems can be a nightmare. However, a branded app by Connect solves all of that. Connect integrates with your existing CRM and other software. As a result, your branded app by Connect will add to and enhance your existing systems and processes while ensuring minimal disruption in your day-to-day operations. That means you’ll start seeing the benefits (and revenue) quickly and without creating new headaches for your team.

Connect With Your Staff and Customers Today!

There’s even more that Connect can do for you. Contact us to let us know about the problems you’d like solved and we’ll explain how a branded mobile app from Connect can help you put your obstacles to success in the rear-view mirror. There’s no risk and our expert service representatives will be happy to answer all of your questions. 

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Ready To Start?

We are a fair play company: you pay, we make it work.

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You will receive a link to your app within 10 days from purchase.

Any installs of your app will lead to you. We implement turn-key automations for high-volume user interest of similar type.

We guarantee, you will be amazed with results, otherwise we can refund your payment within 60 days, no questions asked.

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