Digital Transition With Connect

May 7, 2019 | Articles About Digitalization

True Digitalization is About Letting Your Clients Digitally Interact With your Business At Any Time.

The proper establishment of your company’s digital presence is mission-critical to continue growth in 2019.

Out of the various digitalization technology methods we have discovered that having your own Connect app can bring a handful of benefits to your business.

No matter if your office is closed or the phone lines are occupied, your app will be easy to locate by anyone and use for a 24/7 interaction with your business process.

Your own app will help you establish and grow your digital brand.

Main Concept

Our entire approach revolves around a simple strategy: keep your client happy and within reach.

Loyalty Factor

Because your custom app will be available for a free download by anyone, it creates a great opportunity for you to establish a loyalty network of your core audience, hear their feedback instantly, then adjust and pivot your product editions as needed. You can literally reach out to every customer with an individual message.


Imagine how many things you can automate with your own app. Information updates, live communication, in-app ordering and customer service with with an option for a video-chat. All these things can automagically be triggered in accordance with your flow.

Public Networks

Everyone needs some kind of digital presence these days. Many companies choose public networks such as Facebook to start a digital kiosk with a help desk. As great as this source of representation can be for a mature content reader market, having your own app in AppStore will set you apart and empower your name beyond your belief. If you can afford it, we suggest you act before your competitor does.

2019 is the perfect time to gather your app audience with the Connect digitalization platform, because it incorporates all the modules and features which have become the world standard in communications:

  • Chats with voice messaging and media transfer
  • Group Conversations with broadcast notifications
  • Tasks with an option to assign to a user. 
  • Contact Book with a search option.
  • Market with an ability to sell products to users.
  • Automated assistance scenarios with a dash panel (bot scripts).
  • Comprehensive integration into any existing CRM or ERD stack.

Why Connect

If you are a business with ambition for growth, you definitely need your own app.

We offer the best of our knowledge for Connect to be your app technology of choice, by constantly improving our product.

Save your time researching the competition. No other company on the market provides a product of this grade on matching terms.

If you are not the sole decision maker but understand the importance of this innovation, we will be happy to provide you with a professional industry analysis and recommendations on going digital with Connect in your sphere.

The research price will be subtracted from the app activation fee in case of a positive board decision.