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Sep 6, 2022 | NGO Partners

Creativity vs Destruction

Creative people do not need wars to survive. With fresh ideas, art forms, inventions, innovations and solutions, they share wisdom with everyone, helping humanity evolve in prosperity and peace.

In the very heart of Ukraine – Cherkasy region – a Ukrainian cultural organization has partnered with CONNECT to endorse creativity globally, on a mission to unite the creative people around the world. 


Creators of all nations, indivisible, can use this compact mobile app to browse a live catalog of art exhibits, order or donate art supplies, discover local specialized schools and instantly connect with art teachers, tutors, artists, singers, performers and other users of the CULTURE social network.

New users register by SMS code to access user directory, a built-in messenger with videoconferencing, a live collective text editor, chat-related tasks, a catalog of goods, works, exhibitions and services, a personal storage vault, information channels and a map of participating locations.

Project roadmap plans for a decentralized NFT exchange for users to share and collect works of art in a form of non-tangible tokens, adding to the value of the creative community.

Overall, CULTURE app has the following modules and features:


Messaging & Live Support

CULTURE app is designed for live communication.

It allows everyone to directly communicate, create groups or add representatives of cultural centers, events and schools. A list of chats is perpetually kept in the app.

A Live Catalog of Art, Crafts, Schools and Events

Goods and services of participating organizations are displayed with applicable filters.

Any offer in the catalog can have a representative assigned: a live person or chatbot, for direct communication and ordering with an option for an online payment.

Task Manager

The app has a task manager that allows adding tasks with deadlines in groups or dialogs.

Completed tasks are archived with the “Done” mark.

A Map of Locations

Organizations can be viewed on a map, with representatives assigned to directly communicate, evaluate the location and add it to “Favorites”

News Channels and Info Feeds

Art news content will be funneled to the app, with internal community news added daily. 

Users can leave comments or reactions. 

Social interactions can be used to form opinion pools.

Meet Project Team

Kostyantyn Pirozhenko

Kostyantyn Pirozhenko

Producer, GOPAK Films

We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race, evolved by cultural, talented people who live to create.

Mike Lirchuk

Mike Lirchuk

Performer, StarBeat Producer

A social network of cultural people is the foundation of the world peace. I will be happy to connect the entire actor and performer community as soon as we have an app.

DJ Asante Sana

DJ Asante Sana

Starbeat DJ, Producer, Independent Music Maker

I believe this app will help musicians, DJs, producers and studios quickly find each other, send samples and demos, find schools and tutors. I believe it will become the first art & music market of the young generation.

The Culture app, born in Ukraine is aimed to become the universal digital meeting place for artists, performers and inventors from all over the world. It will serve as a live catalog of opportunities, a live directory of artists and a messenger for every creative person out there.

The team of the app is on a constant look-out for new partnerships, media connections, audience reach and project patronage.

If you like the idea of a cultural digital network for the world peace, feel free to support this project by making a charitable donation by Paypal.


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!
If you like this project and wish to power it up, feel free to donate:

App Alpha Version Launch in








My company is proud to provide a branded copy of Connect Platform to the Culture App Project.

Imagine we unite creative people in a global community of artists, students, creators, teachers, performers, collectors and admirers. We at Connect Software support the cause and I hope you too.

Ray Sorkin, Connect CEO

Sonoratek LLC, Phoenix, AZ