Here is a brief video presentation about working remotely in your brand mobile app:

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Powered By Connect

Connect is a white label digitalization platform for business in a brand app.

A cloned copy of Connect is branded with your business identity, modified with available modules fitting your process, customized with professional graphics & copywriting texts and then distributed globally via app stores and web.

Top Five Advantages of Connect

  1. Connect helps achieve substantial results by using video streaming and live chat technology along with effective information processing methods.
  2. Most mobile and stationery devices with a built-in camera can use all Connect video features, offering fully cross-platform remote work experience.
  3. Distribution via app stores is a quick, compliant and reliable technology delivery method. Advertise your app link to get new app users daily.
  4. Be digitally present in your own secure channel. Offer your clients guaranteed confidentiality: all data is securely hosted on a dedicated server with data encryption.
  5. Instantly provide answers to customers to instantly boost sales. Customer will prefer your company when offered an immediate answer, delivered with a notification to a personal control panel.

If you have a budget to order today, in 14 days or less you will receive a complete set of mobile, desktop and web apps for your business, searchable in the app stores by name and installable on most of today’s mobile and stationery devices.

We accept cards, Paypal, ACH or a wire transfer by invoice. Arizona businesses add sales tax.

In your app:

  • Agents will conduct remote property viewings with clients, known as tele-viewings without the need to visit each property.
  • Chatbots will provide service to everyone 24×7, never missing client interest, connecting with agents by creating new chats to keep.
  • Individual push-notifications with relevant personal updates will boost overall productivity score by making your process truly remote & borderless.
  • Clients and agents communication stack will get truly organized.

Imagine the growth potential of your business with our digitalization technology.

We update all apps twice a month and provide all client organizations with 24×7 technical support, fully compliant with GDPR, HIPPA and App Store policies.

Feel free to reply with questions, visit our website and order online.

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