Automotive Dealership Custom Brand Mobile App

Get a brand app of your dealership in the mobile app stores and on web. Anyone with a mobile or desktop device will connect to your dealership in minutes to browse inventory and chat with sales. Read more for details.

Additional information

Delivery time

10 calendar days


Android phones and tablets
iOS phones and tablets
Any modern web browsers

Revolutionize Your Car Sales with a Custom Dealership App

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Engage More, Sell MoreDealership app video chat

Your dealership deserves a dynamic digital presence. Introduce a brand mobile app to connect with your audience instantly. With live communication features, you're not just selling cars; you're building lasting relationships.

Be Where Your Clients Are

In a world where the average consumer spends 4 hours a day on apps, your dealership's custom app offers convenience at their fingertips. Engage them with instant notifications and live dialogues, keeping your inventory always in their minds.


Dealer Mobile AppRemote, Yet Personal

Showcase your car selection with a simple tap. Offer remote viewing and trade-in inspections via chats and live video calls. Keep client communications organized and perpetual for a seamless experience.

Seamless Communication for Effective Sales

Foster direct and group chats without compromising privacy. Share texts, images, files, and voice messages effortlessly. Enhance your sales process with real-time video capabilities, ensuring clients have all they need to make informed decisions.

Efficiency and Security at Your Fingertips

Our platform ensures effective collaboration through group chats and a conversational CRM approach. The world's fastest chat system, built with Erlang and Javascript, offers lightning-fast, secure conversations. Plus, enjoy hassle-free management with our turn-key solution.

About This Product

Get a custom iOS and Android app, branded for your dealership and ready for download. The app comes with full web app functionality, including video calling and screen sharing, mapped to your domain. Designed for daily use by your team, vendors, and clients, it's the perfect tool to expand your digital footprint.

Who It's For: Ideal for anyone with a phone, tablet, or browser. Your clients can easily install the app, engage with your content, and connect with your team.

What's Included: Custom brand app published in both app stores within 14 days, dedicated server hosting, and a digital infrastructure for your telepresence ecosystem.

Benefits: Unlimited user licenses, encrypted data for client confidentiality, and a commitment to your digital success.

Pricing: Includes monthly server hosting and app updates, with additional fees for SMS and data overage as applicable.

Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Custom Dealer AppReady to Elevate Your Dealership Experience?

Present your brand in the app stores with a custom dealership app. Fill out the form for a non-obligation quote and get your working app in two weeks or less. Enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee and 99.9% uptime SLA.