Digitalization Strategy Evaluation For Your Business (Market Research Service)

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Delivery time

3 business days

Product format

PDF Presentation, 16 pages

The digital Era is getting into full speed.

In 2019 every company needs online presence. Many headquarters specialists right now are looking for the best technology to do the digital transition right.

CEOs, CFOs and owners need to know the actual facts, methods and trends in order to make a weighted decision.

This research service is useful to proactive employees who are ready to help their company take the digital transformation path.

Regardless if you are a CEO, CFO, a business owner or just on your way to become one, you are here because you understand the importance of the digital transformation for your company.

Even though getting a custom mobile app may seem like an obvious choice, having all the facts in front of you will definitely help you build a good foundation for it in front of colleagues and the team.

This product is a combined analytical service, which includes over 10 hours of professional research and assessment of your company standings.

In the end you will receive a 12-page presentation containing information and analysis as outlined below:

Get answers to the following:

  • How well is my company connected to the digital world compared to others?
  • What digital transformation steps are being taken by your local competition right now?
  • What does your company need to do to catch up with the market?
  • What is the practical application of the digitalization app for your niche?
  • What can the custom app of your company look like?

Service includes:

  • Business digital standings evaluation;
  • Company online/web presence evaluation;
  • Competition analysis and overview;
  • Best practices and recommendations to optimize your business process with modern technology in general;
  • Recommendations on cost savings;
  • PDF Presentation of a custom mobile app for your company built on Connect digitalization technology.

We will credit this amount towards your balance when you order our custom app development services.

Feel free to use it to get a quick summary when you run a presentation in the headquarters.

This package will help you prepare for the presentation in the head office. If you are the decision-maker the company, you may use this service to get an idea of your digital standings and how your app may look like when done properly.

Presentation flow:

  1. Competition digitalization analysis:
    • We find top three of your local competitors nearby and make a short overview of their digital presence technologies:
    • Website? Yes no
    • Mobile Version? Yes no
    • CRM/Email marketing?
    • Mobile App? Yes no
  2. Competition online presence analysis:
    • Years of domain name in business.
    • Technology class/level/speed for website.
    • Technology for sales and marketing.
  3. Competition Mobile Apps analysis (if any)
    • Years in business,
    • Usage statistics
    • Trends
  4. Associated costs analysis:
    • Website cost analysis
    • Marketing spend of each competitor per month
    • Marketing software costs
    • Sales CRM software costs
    • Support system costs