Our technology has matured over 40 000 hours of research&development by the Connect unicorn teams around the world since 2009.

Started as a chat platform to support multiple websites, Connect now is a stack of technology meant to produce a digital communication and interaction environment for any company or organization. 

Our researchers have put together a sophisticated message routing mechanism. It incorporates encoding, rendering, filtering and profiling of information while offering one of the fastest delivery times in the industry.

Connect platform uses a proprietary binary translation data exchange protocol based on a known ASN.1 standard.

Our entire platform is built around data transfer and processing using the Connect protocol. It is documented internally only and provides SSL encryption with salt. Salt is our own data encryption mechanism which encodes data prior to wrapping in a SSL, eliminating the risk of a man-in-the-middle attack.

The system is built with scalability in mind, currently allowing for up to 50 000 simultaneous connections to a single server thanks to Erlang. All information is pushed via secure web sockets.

Our ongoing optimization and refactoring has reduced the needed storage and requires a smaller number of needed on-premise servers for our clients, bringing down the maintenance costs.

Mobile/tablet/laptop clients and remote or on-the-go work is where Connect logic really shines.

Imagine you were using your tablet for your app, then went over the desktop version on your pc.

where does the notification goes when one screen is locked?

are you allowed to call this person if you are not in his contacts and he is not a help desk representative?

These and many other scenarios have been thoughtfully incorporated in our technology, so that you seamlessly talk to other people by using your devices just as if you were talking to them.

Connect is a modular platform. These are the basic modules of Connect:

ID. The core module is the user identification library with SMS code verification and customizable access lists.

Chats. Users can exchange data and messages directly or in groups with the chat core module.


Users can also call each other via voice or video, directly or in groups with the AVIRT(Audio/Video in RealTime) module.

Tasks. Any message can be turned into a task, forming task-lists for each dialog or chat. Users can edit task text and get notified of completion.

Showcase. Any information can be presented in an appealing form leading to a desired result efficiently with the Showcase module. 

Connect products are distributed as a turn-key solution without the need for any administration or technical knowledge on your part. 

We provide turn-key service, so you can just share your app link to your audience and we will do the rest.