The Digital Presence

Mar 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

Digital Presence

The world’s preference today is moving remote presence using digital methods, or digital presence, for short. 

It all started with BYOD (bring your own device) policy. Decades ago enterprise employers allowed remote (mobile) clients access its internal process management platform only by personnel with allowed corporate equipment. This equipment was costly, but it helped keep employees motivated not seek employment elsewhere.

Mass production of laptops often outperforming fast-aging corporate models has allowed companies save money in a strange way. Software VPN technologies with built-in network traffic encryption has allowed security analysts OK corporate software installations onto client devices, bringing in the BYOD era. 

Providing a mobile employee with software to be installed on their device is an added responsibility of a software team. Keeping own developer team was getting more expensive with more demand for programmers around and a growing number of platforms to support.

That is why SaaS model has proven a popular concept for multiple organizations. It was a low-maintenance choice. 

Until now, only technology companies and organizations with large r&d spending budgets could afford the luxury of offering a complete set of business communication functions in a dedicated app to install on a mobile or desktop user device.

Now every company can afford their own brand mobile app published in app stores to instantly connect with its product audience, staff, vendors and sales affiliates, live, without borders, powered by Connect.

What is Connect?

Connect is a white-label social platform. It allows to create and publish branded mobile apps with well-known audience interaction features, onboarding methods and automations, suitable for any business, organization or a group. 

Connect-powered apps can service every sector of any industry, keeping masses updated, allowing to form groups for remote collective decisions and to guide actions.