ATTN: A Visionary Executive. Get A Mobile App To Connect Your Entire Company And Clients

Aug 2, 2019 | Articles About Digitalization

The most challenging task of every digital director out there is to structure company’s digitalization process properly by finding an effective customer interaction channel with cost-effective acquisition and retention rates.

Mobile communicator apps have opened an ocean of opportunity to discover client audience fast and keep existing ones within reach.

In 2019 there is a 80% chance that your paying customer uses a smart phone or a tablet every day. Everyone of them have used Apple AppStore or Google Play market at least once and knows how to download and install an app. So if you are aware of the Paretto effect, you already know that all of your wanted audience is already there.

As promising as it may sound, the app store presence concept faces several main difficulties:

  1. There has to be a valid reason to use your company app more than once, otherwise why bother installing?
  2. The app must offer a personal user area containing history of communication and payments with an ability to act immediately from the app.
  3. It has to interact with your users via instant notifications and allow them to interact with you. Not many will download an e-book about your company using space on device.
  4. You want to make your product as close to your client as possible. Mobile app stores are designed for easy technology distribution.
  5. Nobody wants to remember another complex account password, so the registration should be seamless. SMS is the way.

These basic problems, out of dozens, seen from a marketing perspective, determine an optimum user engagement funnel.

The better your app is prepared for these difficulties, the more your funnel will look like a square, the lower your acquisition cost will be for each new client who actually buys something in app or in person.

Ecommerce is a fairly young market. Knowledge of these simple facts comes as a result of Millions of burnt marketing money throughout the last years of the UI/UX, ecommerce, digital technology and user experience evolution. These answers are golden, and if you already have a digital presence channel established, the sooner these issues are addressed, the better angle your user registration and e-sales slope will take.

At Connect we have discovered our answers after successful competition in the IT freelance service market for 10 years, reaching global top10 by the time. Connect was a live chat product which was started in 2011 as in our technology lab.

We have now incorporated all our knowledge about how people buy and interact online, our vision of the future e-commerce development, our software design and development experience into our newest product: CONNECT – The Digital Presence App Publishing Platform.

Tens of thousands of research hours were invested into the end result: the lightning-fast, light-weight Connect client apps covering 98% of all portable devices, its proprietary data exchange library, its modular native client code structure, on-premise backend infrastructure deployment option and an appealing and intuitive user interface.

Our software is structured to make the perfect app for any business:

  • After downloading a light-weight customized mobile app powered by the Connect platform, every user gets a personalized ordering and communication environment, accessible with an sms code.
  • Your app will stay on a user’s devices for the entire period of involvement in your organization.
  • A mobile number is all it takes to enter the app, supported on multiple devices per number.
  • Once logged in, the right contacts will automatically be added based on a user profile and known connections.
  • If there are chats to be started proactively – bots will initiate.
  • If there are questions a bot cannot answer – a staff member can join the conversation.
  • A company’s existing CRM/ERP software, when integrated into the Connect infrastructure, will enable users to be matched by their phone numbers and route to the right CRM sections as authenticated users.

Compare a Connect-powered app to a hub of instant information transport, transforming your entire organization into an interconnected technological superintelligence network:
– every participant of this structure can instantly know of anything that is shared by other members.
– every member can share anything digitally with others, their message will be delivered to the right recipient, in less than a second.
– new app users are instantly provided with the right information streams in an already established info-structure based on profiling scenarios.
– users can be approached by your staff and participating vendors whenever needed.

The most important factor to some companies is having their data in-house. Connect follows this model by offering an on-premise and local datacenter deployment, to achieve maximum speed and deliver technological satisfaction to users.

Needless to say, in over 7 years Connect has grown into a fully-featured communication and productivity platform with a built-in user engagement and retention mechanism. Connect Platform Code is a technology blueprint to create a highly technological user interaction app with buying capability.
It is truly a business instrument to increase revenue.

The pricing model of Connect makes a no-hassle monthly business expense following an affordable activation fee. No need to make a serious budgeting decision – app customization, compliance, development, deployment and publishing activation starts from $2599, monthly fees start from $299/mo.

To discover the world of the digital presence in apps, you are welcome to order a Connect-powered app for your establishment. With a convenient monthly fee you will have the power over your presence: pay-as-you-go will keep the latest version of Connect and your app available for new installations. All the updates are delivered automatically, users are invited via SMS, and many, many other things eliminating the need for the IT department. App owners use it as they would use any other messaging app, with product and user editing options. However, direct dialogues can only be seen by the participants, with no exceptions. Also, the phone numbers are not seen.