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Mar 2, 2020 | Work with Connect

Each of us is a king of answers.

Sharing these answers expands our kingdom of wisdom and proper knowledge. It guides our companies directly into the future of public acceptance and praise, demanding our answers to always be valid and quick.

To succeed, each of us must always see a strong future king in the mirror, holding the correct answer to the tomorrow’s question of survival. 

Faith in self-ability to provide such knowledge is backed by decades of experience. It reinforces connections with alike brains of pure thinkers, avid inventors and solution seekers with a purpose to build a network of trusted professionals, ultimately providing a truly dynamic solution: a professional team.

A solid network of trustworthy professionals guarantees fewer lessons, as they’ve had their share of valid answers with a portion of own mistakes while inventing the unknown. 

In search for answers people interact with each other in groups, forming layers of needs for such groups.

In the IT world they are called user segments.

I have never addressed a segment of venture capital investors before, having been a sole investor in all my ventures to date. 

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An avid IT entrepreneur, a founder of Connect and tons of other things.



My name is Andrei Sorokin, I am a founder and CEO of Connect. 

Thanks to my current project, Portugal Connect (a digital communication platform for tourists and seasonal visitors of Portugal from UK, EU and US) I currently reside in Algarve on the Portuguese South Coast. We ride scooters to work, enjoy healthy living and produce an enormous amount of technology and app solutions every day.

It took about 10 years to really make the entire Connect platform happen. It all started with a car selling website which needed a messaging section. Development seemed to be outrageously costly. In order to be able to hire a world-class team I first built a supporting business to sponsor my r&d all these years.

My cash-cow venture picked up fast. Over the course of 9 years it grew into global Top10 micro-niche with over 850 freelance contractors and only 6 people in staff. We used our own chat platform with pre-defined responses, stop-words and other things, which are now implemented in the Connect platform.

Revenues of Insight Innovations (our US company) by 2014 have grown up to $2.4M/yr with about 27% profit margin (outsourced non-tangible service product). This was truly a God’s blessing and I was lucky to find and secure enough cashflow to cover for the burn-rates needed to bring the development to a working prototype phase.

Counting r&d expenditures has proven to be a waste of time: any wrong corner, wasted sprint and other such IT expense or trial and error is always a shock for a regular person, giving grasp evaluations of expertise, retrospectives, budgeting recalculations, emotional regrets and other helpless kung-fu against the past.

By 2015 I had accumulated around $2M in equity to spend on Connect development. I had very little experience of researching the unknown. It was a pricey development cost in San Francisco and Phoenix, so I went to Ukraine where it is 6 times cheaper.

Along with a sudden military conflict, daily news and raising fears of uncertainty I went through countless teams of various developers and numerous pivots, all because the code was getting old too fast.

Frameworks were upgrading their methods, leaving vital libraries obsolete or in need of constant rewriting and fixing. At the same time most developers showed mediocre results while the top ones were offered higher salaries at other companies to do simpler jobs etc.

I tried my best and I never stopped, I had no right to give up.
By 2017 I have sold all assets and then my cash-cow business.

This final parachute allowed me rebuild the platform, completely rework the product from scratch, change SaaS into a franchise and finally bring Connect development to a Release Candidate phase by 2020.

Connect platform is ready to accept app orders, create partnerships and make sales.

We need investments to be distinctively heard by decision makers in need. We need a team of professional and patient sales intellect with extensive number of prospects.

We need opinion leaders to talk about advantages of Connect-powered apps for brands available in app stores, loud and clear.

We need growth hackers to find the next perfect segment and fill in the niche with Connect technology where possible. For example, cruize liner companies for on-board server deploy connected to a ship app, for example.

Funds are also needed to exponentially grow global awareness of CTOs and CEOs about our novel technology methods, before the big guys catch up.

To evolve fast, Connect needs to hire 6 professional sales agents and a manager (my full-time assistant in US) along with a design&prep dev team to help our sales representatives be more convincing at the corporate prospect’s head office.

To help prospect board of directors with positive decision we plan to offer branded demo app versions, fully functional and customized, for each corporate office we enter with our agents.

To ensure this we need to hire at least 4 designers and 2 sub-developers to streamline the pre-production process with app customizations.

We are looking for partners, offering a share of our US company in exchange for investment of $1’000’000 in a company.

This investment will allow us engage in a sales campaign professionally, start growing really fast and continue development further: perform code refactoring, add new features, develop a wearable camera, a floating zeppelin office camera and other gadgets to bring our overall Connect product standing a level up. 

There are schools, universities and countless other organizations in need of our technology to use every day. We will approach cities, businesses, events, research organizations, libraries, media channel apps to provide every niche with a solid digital presence technology powered by Connect platform. 

The concept of Connect is simple: master copy of our platform is compiled into a branded mobile app. Each app is labeled, colored and named to match organization identity, published to mobile app stores for distribution. 

Once installed on user device, it becomes a gateway to the company’s digital world, by gathers people around issues and tasks to instantly exchange information inside and solve matters remotely.

Users can send text, media, files, locations, live data, place audio calls and make live video conferencing, directly or in groups. 

Chats stay in the app until deleted, forming a history of interaction, orders etc.

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Modular Customization

Tap to get a basic idea of modules by viewing screenshots with comments:




The first screen of the app is always a logo splash screen, followed by professionally designed on-boarding (welcome) screens to convince users create accounts with sms.

Upon first entry (if segment is unknown) users are offered to select their segment group. 

In your app segments are easy to grasp and make sense to all users

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Segment Screen

A common audience profiling section layout


Once user selects segment, your app will proactively start pre-defined chat dialogues on user-relevant subjects with customized texts. Most likely, a user will respond. 

As soon as the user responds, new customer support ticket is created and relevant operators are notified (users who chose “staff” segment and were approved).

Selected operator joins a chat session and live communication starts. 

These chats are kept forever, forming a history of communication for each of your users inside your app.

In short, Connect white-label platform allows any organization establish a direct customer channel in a brand app, with its own encrypted server for chats, media and realtime data services. 

Roadmap will be given in addition to a share of the company, as soon as our accounting firm Wagner Financial accounts for your investment. 

Please do not hesitate to invest. I stand by my word. I frankly don’t think I should ask, but I need more intellect around Connect so it grows faster and delivers. This money will help Connect skyrocket with a power sales team in US.

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Download and sign our class-B shares subscription agreement, then email a signed copy to for wiring instructions.

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Connect-powered apps in the real world:

These apps have been built and published using the Connect platform. Download&install to see all features Connect can offer in a production environment:

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Portugal Connect

This app connects UK and EU tourists visiting Portugal on seasonal vacation, offering a market of goods and a showcase of events. 

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An app network to connect US car sales industry, offering over 50M+ cars from partner sources, 35 000 independent dealerships and 70 000 independent service shops into a single network. 



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A property management app. It allows rental property investors to communicate directly with club staff and vendors on-site, consult lawyers and be remotely present at the property prior to buying, without the need to visit. 

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Interested? Let’s get acquainted!

Please fill out contact information and your offer or inquiry below: 

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