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Request For Investment

Hello potential investor, I am Andrei Sorokin, a founder of the Connect digitalization platform. The Connect platform is a white label remote collaboration solution with direct communication, live interaction, and routine automation features. Connect produces and publishes branded mobile apps for any organization, company, or group. Each app is a customized clone of the Platform […]

Invest In Connect!

Each of us is a king of answers. Sharing these answers expands our kingdom of wisdom and proper knowledge. It guides our companies directly into the future of public acceptance and praise, demanding our answers to always be valid and quick. To succeed, each of us must always see a strong future king in the […]

Connect is Looking For Sales Reps in Portugal

Vilamoura Office Is Looking For Sales Professionals

 We have a new regional office in Vilamoura and are now looking for IT sales specialists in the B2B sector, selling branded apps, powered by Connect. Your job would be to sell custom mobile apps to businesses and organizations. The Connect Platform allows any organization to have their own app for mobile and web, creating […]