Connect is Looking For Sales Reps in Portugal

Oct 15, 2019 | Work with Connect

 We have a new regional office in Vilamoura and are now looking for IT sales specialists in the B2B sector, selling branded apps, powered by Connect. Your job would be to sell custom mobile apps to businesses and organizations.

The Connect Platform allows any organization to have their own app for mobile and web, creating an entirely new channel of the company’s digital presence, which was only available to global corporations before. Our apps are audience-focused, connecting anyone with a smartphone with their realm of interest in a matter of seconds. We are a team, we are friends in what we do, and therefore we act as one. We are expanding, looking for several professionals to showcase our product service in Algarve. We have open vacancies for two regional sales specialists who will promote our “digitalization via your own app” app publishing service and popularize our app products among vendors, businesses and residents in the area.

A successful candidate must provide the following skills:

Basic hygiene:

Our sales specialist is the face of our product. You will communicate with decision makers, city officials, business owners. You must look presentable, speak well, smile nice and dress neat.

Communication hygiene:

You will work on our tasks most of your spare time until you build your own team to fill the structure we have established. Your communication circles are important. If your peers help you reach our goals today, you will fit in our structure. If your surroundings only come to you to prioritize on their problems, you must deal with them first before applying.

Leadership and ambition:

It is important to see yourself as a leader – an example for others to follow and repeat after.

Who do you see in the mirror? Do you see a master? Do you make sales naturally, by talking to people, wherever you go, without expecting others to do it for you? Do others follow your methods of sales success?
People and networks:

Communication circles provide solutions and opportunities. We expect a successful candidate to be well-connected and well-known in our interest groups in Algarve.

Ethics and career growth:

If you fit in our communication ethics while showing results of ambitious goals, you will prosper beyond expectations by leading the regional sales office as a result. You will gain our trust and make good friends with the power team.

Sales experience:

A successful candidate must have experience communicating and interacting by sales with restaurant owners, hotel managers and other valuable players of the Algarve hospitality and tourism industry.

Other required skills:

– knowledge of Vilamoura, Albufeira, Faro and Loule and local businesses. – knowledge of English and native Portuguese. – over five years of sales experience. – it is advisable to have your own car – a laptop or an ipad – general ability to understand how apps work to offer the right solution on the spot


We will offer a monthly bottom basis of 600 Euro per month. We also offer an option of sales commission of up to 20% of a gross check or company stock option participation. In reality we expect each product sales representative to earn €4000/mo (for example, 40 annual subscriptions per month at 20% bonus rate).

Work hours:

  Full time in our office nearby Vilamoura Marina. Our office hours are 10 to 19 with an option for full travel absence and remote work if immediate increasing sales results are shown.


 Please send your resume and a supporting letter. Your resume must contain the needed skills and be factually impressive. Your supporting letter must describe in a few sentences about your life path, your personal plans for the future and how you see yourself in sales and communication with people,what works best for you?

We are looking for a long-term collaboration.