Request For Investment

Mar 13, 2020 | Work with Connect

Hello potential investor,

I am Andrei Sorokin, a founder of the Connect digitalization platform.

The Connect platform is a white label remote collaboration solution with direct communication, live interaction, and routine automation features.

Connect produces and publishes branded mobile apps for any organization, company, or group.

Each app is a customized clone of the Platform master code. This allows us to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal resource outflow.

Connect-powered apps are custom-tailored to their brand/company/product identity, equipped with live chats, calls, video, automation, and other audience interaction features to conduct sales directly in-app.

We have a fast lane technology to produce an unlimited number of such apps for every company out there, covering most of business activity with these modules:

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Modular Customization

Tap to get a basic idea of modules by viewing screenshots with comments:


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With years of research and development completed, Connect now produces apps able to fulfill the digital presence needs of pretty much any organization – no matter the size or industry.

Connect-powered apps offer a personal digital world of company/product-related information to anyone with a mobile phone, tablet, or browser. These apps are distributed globally via mobile app stores and web.

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Our app customization guidelines are outlined in production design templates, so international professional designers with Sketch or Figma software can produce and compile customized sets with required assets, add custom color and uploaded to our fast-lane compiler for app production and publishing.



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It takes a mere 7 days for Connect to produce and successfully publish an AppStore/Playmarket-compliant app with an encrypted on-premise backend server. This can be installed in the city of the organization for lower latencies.

App store distribution is the most efficient software delivery method to date: users simply install an app of the organization onto their devices for continuous use.

In the modern age, privacy is paramount. Phone numbers are never shared with others, all dialogs are encrypted and cannot be recovered by a third party.

Connect has bottomless potential in an increasingly interconnected world. We foresee an ever-expanding need for branded apps, all powered by the Connect Digitalization Platform!

Most modern users utilize messengers. Our apps use similar known messenger core, with added features, including:

  • Custom user profiling
  • Automated incoming chats specific to segment audience
  • Faster video technology (erlang+own binary protocol)
  • Product-oriented modules
  • A map of objects
  • Recommended showcase list
  • Product market
  • Tasks
  • Scripted chats with bots
  • Customer support requests connecting with live agents.

Please see my fundraising pitch for more information on the offer.

I hope that the sales potential of our production-ready technology becomes evident to fellow investors.

I was not planning to raise funds. Since 2011 I have earned over $4.2M in my other ventures to create and fund Connect, bringing it to a production phase about a month ago.

We have just had our first 5 clients, with one internal, two promised and two paid, demonstrating concept viability and laying the groundwork for future expansion.

However, with the latest global news I feel like now is the time for the true global awareness of my technology, and Connect needs a massive campaign to deliver our message and establish the creation of a digital presence by Connect as a common feature for businesses and organizations around the globe.

We can empower hospitals, cities, schools, businesses, to make digital collaboration truly seamless and solve the distance issue once and for all.

Please book a meeting with me to invest $250,000 or more:

I am asking $1,000,000 in exchange for 10% of future equity of the entire company and its global IP rights.

I am looking for serious investors who understand the value of being on the cutting edge of the branded app development industry.

Our model apps are in production, and the first sales have been made.

The remaining references can be obtained from Wagner Financial firm in Phoenix. We are a US Chase Business customer since 2012.

Connect is clearly well worth the investment. The world must know, so I invite you to participate and help Connect grow faster.

Funds raised will be used to fund our US venture, and we are happy to partner with anyone who shares future equity of US publishers with further private discussions of growth plans.

Connect is ready to show immediate ROI.

We need funds to hire professional sales agents, niche-native copywriters, creative managers, CPA professionals, to reinforce development and to refactor the code, to fund a global marketing campaign and reach minds of CEOs and CTOs with the Connect-powered brand app concept.

The more interest we raise in the platform, the faster it will evolve, allowing the world to benefit from it without any delays. Time is of the essence.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

$1M will be enough to get a good start and show rapid results with no evident need for any future rounds. The concept is viral itself and technology has matured into a solid self-sustainable product.

I will appreciate a quick positive response of an interested investor with a friendly attitude who appreciates my time.

I presently work in Algarve, Portugal in a self-establised developer base camp. Our Projects here are Portugal Connect and Holideum. We can meet remotely via video in our app.

Thank you for your time.

Connect-powered apps in the real world:

These apps have been built and published using the Connect platform. Download&install to see all features Connect can offer in a production environment:

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Portugal Connect

This app connects UK and EU tourists visiting Portugal on seasonal vacation, offering a market of goods and a showcase of events. 

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An app network to connect US car sales industry, offering over 50M+ cars from partner sources, 35 000 independent dealerships and 70 000 independent service shops into a single network.



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A property management app. It allows rental property investors to communicate directly with club staff and vendors on-site, consult lawyers and be remotely present at the property prior to buying, without the need to visit.

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