Connect is Looking For A Product Copywriter

Sep 10, 2019 | Version Updates

Please read and see how you can apply. We are starting public sales now, looking for only the best to grow our product with.

My name is Andrei Sorokin, I am the CEO of Insight Innovations, Scottsdale, AZ.
My company creates enterprise mobile apps.

I would like to invite you to promote our product:

CONNECT – a cross-platform white-label communication solution for business.

Connect platform is designed to take full advantage of mobile apps – a new channel for an effective customer reach.

With our platform any organization can have its own app to use for direct communication with clients and staff. Powered by fully compliant code of Connect, apps can be found in Apple AppStore and Google Play market in less than 15 days.

The logic of Connect resembles any popular messenger app:
– SMS-registration/login. No emails or passwords.
– Personalized contact lists
– Rich media chats and group chats
– Calls and conferences
– Video calls and group video conferences
– Multiple devices per account
– Supported on 98% of devices

…with a few valuable additions:
– Each copy of the code is customized and published as a brand-name app for a given organization: labeled with its logo, colored and named in accordance with its brand-book.
– Phone numbers are not seen to anyone except staff.
– Bots (including custom bots) are added to users’ contacts automatically, sending a welcome message to each user upon his/her first login.
– User profiling is available (narrowing products and contacts based on user interests).
– A company searchable directory of all contacts by names. Any user can opt out from search, customers are only searchable by staff.
– No cloud. Connect database/backend server can be set on-premise or in a nearby datacenter for an even better connection. There are no limits to storage or traffic.
– An entire customer db server is encrypted and cannot be accessed directly. All administration is done via bots.
– Additional business-related modules are available, such as tasks, showcase, market, QR (member) card.
– A web-connector module can authenticate and route each user to the right CRM section, if the company already has one.

Any enterprise with budget for innovations will benefit from this product and see positive results within a month: its app will connect customers, product, support and sales into one digital brand.

Client app requires zero administration or IT knowledge on client’s part. There is no need for an IT guy – it is a turn-key service: the client tells us the name of their business and our team will do the rest (including finding its logo and colors on the web, no need to prepare or upload anything).

We are there 24×7 to answer technical questions and help automate things by creating custom bots and modules for virtually any business routine.

Relentlessly improving the product, updates for each client app are rolled out automatically once every two weeks. Anything we add to the platform is distributed among clients in newer app versions. End users update their client apps via app stores as usual.

Our pricing model is designed to show results without hefty upfront commitment: our solutions start from $399/mo with a $2599 one-time activation fee for each app, fully refundable within 90 days if the client is not satisfied. Updates are available for the lifetime of subscription. Bundles have substantial discounts.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit to watch a short video and products.

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To get the Connect base demo app and contact me directly, click here:
(link will take your phone to the right store. Get the Connect app, then go to contacts, tap on a “Plus”, search Andrei Sorokin)

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